Sale di Sicilia UnoDue

This project involved a big team: creative direction by Bellissimo1990, shooting by Alberto Chimenti Dezani at The Good Life Studio and produced by us at Evergreen Design House. It was amazing to have the whole team involved in it, from the photography team to the motion graphics one. Safe to say it was pretty challenging nonetheless: everything you see (and yes, we’re talking every single element) was shot, edited, printed, cut, scanned and edited again to achieve the exact result we were aiming for.

That organic and grainy paper feeling which is definitely incomparable to anything else. Of course the final outputs involved social media cutdowns and adaptations, which made the whole thing even more challenging due to the fact that everything was taylor-made for every specific format.

A big thank you goes to the Bellissimo and The Good Life team for the huge efforts and to Chef Marco Sforza for the delicious dishes he prepared for the shoot and we had the luck to try directly on set!


Evergreen Design House
The Good Life Studio
Bellissimo 1998


Production, Stop Motion


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